Indoor LED video wall


Indoor Led screen Solution

Indoor LED screens on the market are built-in using Surface-Mounted device (SMD) technology. We have our own SMD technology invention and we call it DOT Matrix, because of the three primary colors. (Red, Green, and Blue) are placed in the same DOT. And with our new design, we are also making better new technology indoor LED screens.

wide viewin

Wide Viewing Angle

high contrast

High Brightness

Front maintenance

Front and Back maintenance

light weight

Super Light

Product Highlight


Use generally requires a screen that is based on LED technology and has a minimum brightness square meter. This will usually be more than sufficient for corporate and retail applications, higher brightness may be required for visibility. Fashion and auto shows are two examples of high-brightness stage lighting that may require higher LED brightness. Conversely, when a screen may appear in a shot on a television studio set. the requirement will often be for lower brightness levels with lower color temperatures. Superior quality in all of our LED screen product range is always maintained. An LED panel is a small display or a component of a larger display or screen.


The high-resolution screen is the best and highly recommend. Most cost-effective solution for your retail signage needs. If your business needs a small, simple single-line LED display then that is what we will recommend. If your business needs a full LED window display or stunning video wall, then we are very well equipped to do that too. LED programmable message displays are perfect for auction rooms. You can use the conference room screen to show a lot number, reserve prices, and any other information that may be vital to the auction.



Clinics or Hospitals






Malls or Retails Store

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